Smithsonian Ocean Hall Installation


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To create a film of this quality, the museum needed the very best in ocean film making. They chose Feodor Pitcairn Productions to produce it.

Feodor Pitcairn Productions has been engaged to create the signature feature of the Smithsonian’s upcoming Ocean Hall, opening in September of 2008. This challenging project incorporates multiple projections of HD footage and existing architectural detail in a project that truly exemplifies what “site-specific HD installation” at it’s best is all about.

Featuring stunning footage shot at locations including Indonesia, Galapagos, the Maldives, Hawaii, the Channel Islands off of California, the Azores, Belize, French Polynesia, and the Cayman Islands. The final production will include sequences of whale sharks disappearing into milky clouds of spawn, massive gatherings of hammerhead sharks, socializing sperm whales, and enigmatic manta rays gathered together at a cleaning station.

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Image courtesy of: Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History.


Feodor Pitcairn, diver, naturalist and underwater cinematographer, has devoted decades of his life to exploring the mysteries of the world's oceans.

Ocean Odyssey, the film based on the Smithsonian exhibit, is available from PBS in both standard DVD and Blu-Ray.

Smithsonian "Finds the Best" for Ocean Hall. Immersive multi-screen, HD, site-specific video installation will be “signature feature”.

Feo Pitcairn began his career as a still photographer and has recently returned to his roots with a renewed focus on still photography.

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