Ocean Wilds Series

Ocean Wilds – The Journeys of Feodor Pitcairn

In the spectacular and lyrical five-part series OCEAN WILDS, Pitcairn’s images and personal observations offer a fresh vision of life as it transpires daily in the sea.

Nearly a decade in the making, OCEAN WILDS conveys a powerful sense of reality in the sea – revealing a world of unique moods and movements, of brilliant colors and striking light patterns, of curious creatures and extraordinary phenomena. Using an arsenal of cutting-edge equipment, Pitcairn is among the pioneers in the use of HD for undersea wildlife programming, and he manages to penetrate the hidden lives of the ocean’s most fascinating animals, including sperm whales, killer whales, sharks, giant manta rays, whale sharks and humpback whales. Pitcairn weaves entertaining stories from scientific fact, and adds personal reflections drawn from his three decades of traveling the OCEAN WILDS.

  • “Realm of the Killer Whales” (High Definition) Peering into the secret world of killer whales in the Pacific Northwest, Pitcairn portrays both these enigmatic marine mammals and the rich habitat in which they live. In the spring, the waters off British Columbia are saturated by a blizzard of reproductive matter and the arrival of two great hordes from the open sea, herring and salmon. Predators, including humans, join in a harvesting frenzy, but none are as efficient in their hunts as the region’s packs of killer whales. Pitcairn also films a side of these powerful creatures few see – their efforts to maintain a close family life and the moments when they appear to be looking for nothing more than sheer fun.
  • “Sperm Whale Oasis” (High Definition) Sperm whales are among the least-filmed of the great whales, in part because they dwell at great depth in the open sea, and in part because centuries of intense whaling have made them wary of humans. But off the Azores in the vastness of the mid-Atlantic, Pitcairn manages to infiltrate a group of sperm whales – largest of all the toothed whales – and to linger in their midst with his High-Definition camera rolling. The result is stunning – one of the most compelling and close-up encounters ever filmed with these real-life Moby Dicks.
  • “Creatures of Coral” Corals provide both food and shelter for countless small creatures, but Pitcairn finds coral reefs which also draw visits from two of the ocean’s most elusive giants. A mass spawning of coral polyps off Australia attracts a menagerie of predators, including whale sharks, the largest fish in the sea. And on the Pacific island of Yap, unusual conditions lure from the open sea an extraordinary concentration of giant manta rays, among the most mystifying creatures on earth.
  • “Gathering of Giants” Whales dominate the sea as we do the land, and they inspire us with their intelligence and gentle might. But some whales are also fierce predators capable of stunning violence. Pitcairn captures both of these extremes as he trains his lens on very different whales in both the North and South Atlantic. Along the remote Patagonia coastline, he films a savage hunt by orcas, who devour sea lion pups by swiftly racing onto the shore in an instant of deadly surprise. By contrast, along a quiet undersea bank in the Caribbean, he films immense humpback whales gathered to raise their young, giants who could easily harm a human in their midst, but go out of their way to avoid causing injury.
  • “Oases in the Sea” Though the sea covers nearly three quarters of our planet, immense stretches of it are watery deserts sparse in life. But there are special places where life gathers – ocean equivalents of our most exotic cities. Pitcairn explores the undersea world of Galapagos, a Pacific archipelago that is home to the only penguins living on the equator, and serves as a peculiar oasis harboring marine animals found nowhere else. Then, he accompanies an undersea “forest ranger” on a journey through a kelp forest – a water jungle roamed by exotic animals and filled with magical encounters, a place of beauty by day and frenzy by night.

Cinematographer/Director: Feodor Pitcairn

Series Producer: Mose Richards
Production companies: Feodor Pitcairn Productions in association with Working Dog Productions for “Sperm Whale Oasis” & “Realm of the Killer Whales” only
Executive Producers: Tom Simon, Feodor Pitcairn, Joel Westbrook
Format: CC, Surround Sound, High Definition (2 shows)
CC, Stereo, Digital Beta (3 shows)


Feodor Pitcairn, diver, naturalist and underwater cinematographer, has devoted decades of his life to exploring the mysteries of the world's oceans.

Ocean Odyssey, the film based on the Smithsonian exhibit, is available from PBS in both standard DVD and Blu-Ray.

Smithsonian "Finds the Best" for Ocean Hall. Immersive multi-screen, HD, site-specific video installation will be “signature feature”.

Feo Pitcairn began his career as a still photographer and has recently returned to his roots with a renewed focus on still photography.

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